About us

What is a beautiful life?
A lifestyle brand guided by one simple intention, to live a beautiful life.  Through connection to ourselves, each other and the nature around us.
We are inspired by the art forms of yoga, surf and living an active, creative life.  We believe that art is formed in every moment, by connecting to our inner voice, our true north, and allowing life to unfold organically.  True art is the expression of life, radiating through the body that you were blessed with.
Our intention is to create garments which support natural vitality, movement and flow.  That make you want to dance, run, surf, move!
Fabrics and materials are chosen due to their feel, durability and functionality.
Inspiration is drawn from things that we love, classic street style, surf culture, and traditional outdoor gear.  Along with a curiosity in traditional craft, fabrics and printing methods.
Photographic imagery and prints come from life, surf and nature in Australia, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Scandinavia and Southern Europe, captured by the founder and select collaborators.
We respect ourselves, our brothers and sisters and our mother earth.  We strive to work only with sustainable natural fabrics (linen, hemp, organic cotton).  The latest high tech/low impact man made fabrics  (bamboo, tencel, modal (cellulose based fibres sourced from sustainably managed Bamboo, European Beechwood and Eucalyptus forests) and recycled polyesters.
We only partner with manufacturers who offer safe work environments and respectful wages, you know, people who give a damn.

Based in Byron Bay, Australia, a beautiful life was created through the vision of its founder Steven Collyer. A vision to establish a brand, a company and a community which inspires people to connect with themselves, to nature, and to go beyond fear and lead lives aligned with their hearts true calling. To inspire us all to let our individual gifts shine, for us all to create our own beautiful life.